CANRAD Project Fully Funded

The CANRAD Project which began in January 2006 was designed as an eight year project and will end in December 2013.

The project is now fully funded and we are no longer seeking donations.

We are extremely grateful to all who contributed to this project and who made education a dream come true for the CANRAD girls. The St. Mary’s Lwak Girls Trust Fund was legally established at the school this year and will provide for the sustainability of sponsorships at the school. This fund is a potential destination for any excess funds at the end of the CANRAD Project.

Canada/Kenya Rarieda Development Programme

CANRAD's mission is to sponsor young African women
from the community of Rarieda in Kenya to be
future leaders through education.

Principles of CANRAD

  1. All efforts will involve partnership between community, government, academic, NGO/volunteer sectors.

  2. All efforts will be priorities for the community and, be managed by Kenyans.

  3. All efforts will strategically use resources to enhance capacity, promote long term solutions which are Kenyan-appropriate and Kenyan-directed.

CANRAD Sponsorship Program

  1. Sponsorship is for four years of secondary schooling at the Lwak Girls High School, Rarieda, Kenya.

  2. Includes school fees, board, school uniforms, and school supplies for four years.

  3. Includes an allowance for personal products as soap, toothpaste and sanitary pads.

  4. Community based selection process provides verification of financial need.

  5. National exams, the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, provide confirmation of academic achievement required for admission to LGHS.

The Gift of Education

The CANRAD Project is a eight year project which began in 2006. The final class of CANRAD sponsored students were admitted in January 2010. The CANRAD Project will end in 2013 with the graduation of this class.



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